JoeL Merch - merchandise, apparel, related to especially paper crafts, paper toys

Yeahhhh...few months doin' this ... After several teasers, sneak peeks then it's oficially launch
The only reason why this is mostly for man is papercraft and papertoy lovers dominated with them in all forum so the model and also mock up related with man's body ~(˘▾˘)~
Go grab 'em allll

Menyediakan apparel dan souvenir yang berhubungan dengan papercraft / papertoy
- Ada yang PreOrder dan tersedia stoknya (dalam jumlah terbatas)
- Untuk Pre Order dibuka dari 20 Januari 2014 hingga 24 Februari 2014
- Untuk ready stock bisa segera dikirim setelah customer melakukan pelunasan
- Harga dan detail spesifikasi tertera di masing-masing gambar (tidak termasuk ongkos kirim), pertanyaan lebih lanjut bisa comment / message
- Produksi dilakukan setelah tanggal 24 Februari (setelah lunas), mohon memberikan kelengkapan data (nama, alamat, telp) untuk order, TIDAK bisa dibatalkan
Contact Person: email / 081703640496
Miscellaneous merchandise, apparel, related to especially paper crafts, paper toys
- Open Pre Order and some of them In Stock (limited)
- All purchases cannot be cancelled or returned
- Pre Order start from January 20, 2014 until February 24, 2014, all preorder products will be produced as soon as closed
- All price (US $) and detailed specification in each picture exclude shipping, for further information just mail or message / comment
Contact Person: email

Yes.. that's all.. just contact me for further information
Some of detailed and large pictures are below:

Vinyl stickers 

 Silver foil sticker
 Gold foil sticker

Package: plastic bag + transparent sticker

Teeshirt papertoy crafter - rubber gold

Hoodie Jacket 
 front side: glow in the dark hoodie jacket

 back side - hoodie jacket : rubber

bagian belakang: sablon rubber

Varsity Jacket
embroidery (varsity jacket) front side

bagian depan: bordir

  flock (varsity jacket) back side

bagian belakang: beludru flock

Keychain detail - double size printed (acrylic)

Embroidery badge - bordir


Great gifts great talent great freedom great advantages great opportunities come with great responsibility. See Luke 12:48


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Order NOW - Apparel & Merch

Order NOW - Apparel & Merch
Click pic above fo further information

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Graduation Paper Toy as Souvenir
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